Where Do I Find My Hotpoint Model Number?

Owned and manufactured by General Electric, Hotpoint offers affordable appliances in very basic styles and colours. Thanks to their low prices and dependability, Hotpoint is the choice of homeowners on a budget.

If you’re on the lookout for very efficient, trustworthy products that won’t burn a hole in your pocket, Hotpoint is a perfect option to consider. Hotpoint is a brand from Ontario, California, and is now over a hundred years.

Most brands in today’s market keep trying to introduce new technology into their appliances. It means slightly more complicated technology and higher prices. What Hotpoint has done is stay down to earth.

They offer devices that don’t come with too many frills. They are easy to understand and easy to use while also being affordable.

You can find Hotpoint electronic appliances at dealers that have an existing tie-up with General Electric. So this includes national chains like Home Depot and Walmart. You can also check your local dealerships for Hotpoint products.


Serial Numbers of Appliances

When you require any repair work or a replacement for your appliance, you will be required to provide the model number and your appliance’s serial number. The model and serial number help them find out which product they will have to work on.

It allows them to choose the right parts and the right tools. Serial and model numbers are placed in different areas, depending on the appliance you are referring to. There is no standard spot for all devices where serial and model numbers are placed.

Here is a small guide on where you can look for the model and serial number on your various Hotpoint appliances.

Hotpoint Washing Machines

On your Hotpoint Washing machines, you will find the details when you open the door. To locate the details, open the washing machine door and look for them on the inside portion of the door.

Hotpoint Tumble Dryers

Like the washing machines, you can find the Hotpoint Tumble dryer’s details when you open the door. Once you open the door, look for the information inside the door or frame.

Hotpoint Dishwashers

On Hotpoint dishwashers, you will find the details on the side of the door. Open the door of the dishwasher, and on one of the sides, you will find the details of the appliance.

Hotpoint Fridges

On Hotpoint Fridges, you can locate the details behind the salad crisper or on the bottom drawer. Depending on the feature in your fridge, you will find the information on the inside’s bottom portion.

Hotpoint Cookers and Ovens

On Hotpoint ovens and cookers, you will find the details on the rim of the appliance. Open the oven or cooker door, and you will find the details on the outside edge.



Hopefully, this was a helpful guide for you to understand where to locate your Hotpoint appliance’s details. The next time you’re on a call for a repair or have someone asking you for the details; you don’t need to panic or do an impromptu Google search.


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