How To Unlock Bosch Induction Hob

The induction hob is among the most vital appliances in your kitchen. Any malfunction or distribution may cause too much inconvenience. Sometimes your hob might lock or fail to turn; this might happen in some of its burners or its entirety. 

If you encounter such a situation, first, establish what kind of locking is it. It could be electrical or caused by some mechanical components of the induction system. 

There are simple tricks that can help you unlock the Bosch induction hob. However, if there is a need for technical repair which relates to electronic board malfunction, you should contact an expert. Induction hobs use electricity to run; therefore, if you have no idea what to do, call the right person to help you. 

Why is my induction hob not working?

When your induction hob faces a malfunction, first, check whether its power connection is working right. This is the primary cause of your induction hob failure. The other reason is using the wrong cookware. Induction hobs recognise cookware made of stainless steel and iron only.

Locked induction hob causes and solutions

Touchscreen recognition may fail as a result of leakage of substance on the keyboard. If this happens, all you need is to clean your hob using a microfibre cloth and appropriate detergent. 

Bosch induction hob has a child safety lock. If you accidentally activate this mode, your induction hob fails to turn. If the induction hob gets locked, confirm whether the child safety mode is active; if it is active, deactivate it and determine if the induction hob will work.

Sometimes the locking of your induction hob could be a result of using unrecognisable cookware. Make sure you use cookware made of either stainless steel or iron. Alternatively, you can use an adapter between the cookware in question and the hob. 

In case your hob’s controls still don’t work after trying all the above options, try to disconnect the power and turn it back after 30 seconds. If there isn’t a technical problem, this option is supposed to work.

What does E mean induction hob?

Sometimes “E” can appear on your induction cooktop. What does it mean? “E” indicates that your power button is not working. This means you need to reset your induction hob. Resetting Bosch induction is very simple; all you need is to disconnect the appliance from the power for around 30 seconds and put it back. If the problem persists, seek help from a professional.

Why does my induction cooktop occasionally turn off?

Mostly, this happens when the surface of your cooktop gets too hot. If your cooktop keeps doing this, there isn’t any big issue. This is a feature that comes with the equipment, and it behaves that way when the cooktop surface becomes too hot. 

In order to prevent this, ensure your cookware diameter is equivalent to the size of your induction cooktop burner. Avoid using cookware that is too big or too small for your burner.

What does H error mean? 

When H appears on your cooktop, it means that there is surplus heat in the cooking section of your induction cooktop. The solution for this issue is allowing your cook section to cool down. If the H error still appears even after the cooking section cools down, there might be a technical problem that needs a technician.

Why is my induction hob flashing F?

This is an indication that the cookware is not compatible with the induction hob. Also, if there isn’t any cookware on the cooktop and the appliance is on, the hob flashes F. If the error appears when there is a pan or pot on the top, the solution for this is to change the cookware by finding one which is suitable for your cooktop. 

My induction hob is clicking/ticking or buzzing noise when in use?

Ticking and clicking noise from an induction hop is very normal when it in use. The noise comes from induction coils. When the ticking or clicking is too loud, it could be due to the design of your induction hob or the kind of cookware you are using. If the noise is too loud, try to change your cookware’s type, style, brand, or material to see whether the ticking and clicking will reduce.

How to use an induction hob

Some modern kitchens are designed with induction hobs fitted in them. Although they save a lot of time when cooking, you might find them very complex especially, if you have never used them. 

Before we dig into how to use an induction hob, note that there are specific pans and pots that the induction hob works with. Typically these cookwares are made of iron or stainless steel. 

The following are steps to follow when using an induction hob:

  • Switch on the hob unit at the wall: you may be required to press the boost switch as well.
  • Place your pan on the ring you prefer.
  • On the power switch of the appliance, press and hold your finger down to activate the unit.
  • Select the sensor that matches the ring hob you are using. 
  • Start cooking while adjusting the heat by pressing +/- sensors.
  • Once you are done with cooking, hold down the power button to turn the unit off.
  • Note, without an induction pan on your hob, the hob flashes F and no heat will be produced.

Safety measure 

  • Never leaves the Bosch induction hob unattended when it is active. 
  • Never use the surface of the unit to store your kitchen items.
  • Ensure you use stable cookware every time to prevent accidents.
  • Keep flammable materials and liquids away from the appliance.
  • Your cooking zones should be at “0” (off) when you are not using them.
  • Use a specific detergent and microfibre cloth to clean the appliance.

As a Bosch induction hob owner, your hob may get locked. To avoid future grief, use appropriate options available to unlock it. If error codes persist, you can always consult Bosch’s technical after-sale service to help you in diagnosing the problem.

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