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Can You Wall Mount a TV on a Chimney Breast?

Are you thinking to install a television above your fireplace to enhance the elegance of the room? Or you want to mount it on the chimney breast but don’t know how to accomplish this entire procedure safely?

If these questions are lingering in your mind, then you don’t have to worry because. In this guide, you will find the answer to every concern.

Wall mounting a television on the chimney breast is not a task recommended by experts and professionals. Several factors are responsible for it, making it essential to understand all of them before you mount a TV on the chimney breast.

Keep reading to know every aspect and expert advice essential for installing a TV on the chimney breast.


Is It Safe to Mount a TV on a Chimney Breast?

The most common concern that can engulf your mind is whether it is entirely safe to mount a TV at such a place. Fitting a television above the fireplace can be dangerous for both the equipment and your family members.

The simple reason is that temperatures emitted from the chimney may be too high, and there are huge chances that the television cannot withstand such odd situations. You can quickly check or test the actual temperature of your fireplace using simple methods.

However, it has to be done if your house has wood or gas-burning fireplaces. It is unnecessary to test temperature for electric fireplaces because they don’t exude large amounts of heat. But prevention is always better than cure.

So, it is better to check the temperature of every fireplace before mounting the television. Many professionals have also suggested their views about this entire procedure.

The experts have recommended that you avoid mounting a TV on the chimney breast if the measured temperature exceeds the range of 100°F. It is because such high temperatures are not at all safe for electrical appliances.

The level of 100°F is still very high, and you should prevent mounting the TV even at 90°F. This temperature is enough for damaging the device, and it is better to read the manufacturer’s suggestions to get the appropriate information.


What to Consider Before Mounting the TV?

Mounting a television to a chimney breast is not an as easy task as it sounds. It is imperative to consider several aspects before accomplishing this complicated procedure. You need to understand whether mounting a TV on the chimney breast is practical or not.

You have to check a few factors to ensure that the TV works appropriately and remains protected from fire. The most crucial thing that you have to evaluate is the altitude of your fireplace and mantelpiece.

It is because various mantels are too high that can cause inconvenience while watching the TV. It will be a similar situation that an individual faces while sitting in the front row at the cinema and encounters awkward sitting postures. It leads to very painful neck strains.

You may also come across the same situation if the TV is mounted at an inappropriate height. You can avoid this situation by using this simple but effective tip. You can test your comfortable position by placing a cardboard piece or paper piece at the location where you are thinking to mount the TV.

You can sit on your chair and assess if it is a comfortable and reasonable position for you. You have to check this thing before drilling holes into the chimney breast. Therefore, it is essential to consider these facets before fixing the TV on the chimney breast.


What to Do with the Wires?

Above the fireplace, the wires and cables are a massive problem that an individual must consider before mounting the TV on the chimney breast. It is because they are at constant risk of catching fire and can damage your product.

It becomes necessary to position them correctly and protect them from all kinds of dangers. One beneficial idea in this scenario is to recess the wires into the wall. It can be done if you have a contemporary fireplace with drywall in the surroundings.

If you prefer this method, you have to ensure sufficient insulation between the wire and the chimney. It is done because it prevents overheating of wires and keeps the appliance safe from any accident.

But the modern fireplace is not available in all places. Bricks and wood fireplaces are also present in various houses, and it gets difficult to recess wires.

You will not be able to complete this process, and hence, you can conceal them with an effective wire management system. You can also create a channel in the chimney breast to secure the wires.


Mounting a TV on Concrete or Block Fireplace

Attaching a TV to a block or concrete fireplace requires more effort and equipment than new generation fireplaces. The reason is that TV mounts don’t come with proper anchors for bricks and thus, you have to purchase them on your own.

We suggest that you should check the manufacturer’s instructions to choose anchors and concrete screws. Also, it is better to anchor into the mortar and not brick. In case you are still facing issues, you can contact your local builder to solve them and mount the TV appropriately.


Wrap Up

Hanging the television above the fireplace and mounting it to the chimney breast can provide an elegant look to the entire room. But this visually appealing decision has to be taken only after considering several aspects.

You have to analyze every factor to ensure convenience and the safety of your product and family members. You need to follow specific tips and techniques to ensure a proper installation at the right place.

Also, you have to conduct a temperature test to check the suitability to mount the TV. Therefore, mounting the TV on the chimney breast is a bit time-consuming task, and it is essential to pay strict attention while doing it.

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