Best TV Aerial Signal Boosters

Best TV Aerial Signal Boosters – Reviews and Buying Guide

After a long day of work, most just want to sit back and relax. We want to turn on the TVs and watch our favorites without any mental labor or stress. However, if your TV signal is weak, your entire evening might just go to waste.

A variety of issues can cause week TV signals. One reason might be because of the location of your residence. If your home is in a remote area, this could be the primary cause. Houses surrounded by buildings in urban areas are also likely to suffer from weaker signals. Areas surrounded by forests and hills are similarly disadvantaged.

Even though you might feel disheartened, a TV aerial signal booster can resolve your worries. Not only will it strengthen your signal, but it can also give you access to more channels. If you have several TV sets, an aerial signal booster is beneficial as well. This will distribute the signal from one antenna across to the rest of them.

Stronger signals mean clearer visuals on your TV screen, as well as clearer audio. So, you can experience all shows on any channel in the best quality.

We have gone over several TV antenna boosters and finalized the five best signal boosters for your convenience.


Our 5 Best TV Aerial Signal Boosters

If you’re a frustrated homeowner trying to find out how to get some decent signal, we have got you covered. These are our top picks for TV aerial signal boosters that can help you out with this dilemma. We will also discuss in detail how to pick out the right signal booster for your home. You can read our complete breakdown of each product to get a clearer idea of the following.

  1. ANTOP Smartpass Amplifier
  2. Wolsey 4 Way TV Booster Amplifier
  3. SLx Signal Booster Aerial Amplifier
  4. GOOQEE 120 Mile Range Amplifier
  5. One For All Ultra Flat Amplifier


Best TV Aerial Signal Boosters Buying Guide

Choosing the right TV antenna booster requires you to understand a few technical settings. With the help of this information, you can pick a booster best suited to your needs.

While some customers might want more TV stations without buying cable, others are looking for better reception. Even to resolve issues like pixelation and ensure smoother viewing, a signal booster is the best choice. The climate of your location, distance from the transmitter, and so on will be factors to keep in mind.

Internal Amplifier Versus External Amplifier

Where you want to keep your amplifier will determine the kind of amplifier you buy. This means that an external amplifier will need to be weatherproof. Ensure that it has a durable build and specialized casing for this purpose. External signal boosters are usually mounted on the TV mast.

On the other hand, internal amplifiers are simple to use and kept indoors. These are the most common type of signal boosters. They are kept safe from the elements and don’t risk failure due to external moisture, temperature, and climate issues.

Optimum Gain

Gain capacity is one of the main factors that determine the effectiveness of a signal booster. You should always check this specification before buying any such device. It is measured in decibels (dB), and usually, signal gain ranges from 10 to 12 dB for optimum reception.

To understand the right level of gain, note that it should be the same or higher than signal loss. Although the higher gain is good when there is a larger signal loss, too much gain is detrimental. Excess signal gain can overload the reception by catching onto signals from other sources.

Low Noise Levels

The attenuation of noise is one of the determinants of TV reception quality. Higher noise levels indicate that the signal booster has lesser sensitivity. This means that the signal booster will not perform reliably and cause disturbances. A noise level of 2 dB or lower is recommended for this purpose.

LTE Filter

The great number of LTE towers, that is, mobile broadband towers, causes issues with reception. Extra signals from LTE towers, cellular phones, and such negatively imbibe reception for over-the-air TV broadcast signals. This eventually leads to pixelation and fewer accessible channels.

That is why a quality TV antenna booster should come with LTE filtration for 3G and 4G interference.

FM Filter

FM is the short form of frequency modulation. This refers to those radio waves that are made use of for radio reception. In case you live near a radio transmitter, radio signals can disturb VHF signals for your TV.

As a result, quality TV signal boosters will amplify your TV reception by filtering out FM interference.

VHF and UHF Compatibility

The right antenna booster should support VHF (very high frequency) and UHF (ultra-high frequency) signals. This is because some TVs make use of both VHF and UHF antennas to access more channels.

Thus, your amplifier should be suitable for both signals to maximize its value. A signal booster that fails to be compatible with both can make you lose out on different stations.


Other Questions People Also Asked

1. Will a TV signal booster give me better TV reception? Do signal boosters work?

While TV signal boosters are effective, they can only work under certain conditions. A signal booster is only likely to work if the signal has already been split a few times. Moreover, boosters can only improve reception if the cable lengths are relatively long.

If you do not have a long cable, or your booster only feeds one point, it won’t be as effective. Not to mention, in case there is too much signal, amplifiers can do more damage to your reception quality.

2. How can I increase the signal on my TV?

Amplifiers can help boost signal for feeding more TV points or for sending the signal through long cables. The gain capacity will determine how well the signal is boosted. For pixelation issues and digital signal problems, higher gain boosters are suitable.

Another way to boost the signal is by placing the booster at a greater height. Mounting the amplifier outside can also help at times. However, for this, you may want to consider an external signal booster to avoid weather damage.

The location of your transmitter might also be the reason for your insufficient signal.

3. Is a TV signal booster different from an amplifier?

Both terms can be interchangeably used and refer to the same device. While looking online, don’t get confused by the various names that are used for the same.

The only difference is that the term amplifier is often more formally used by experts. On the other hand, signal boosters are the common term used by the public.

4. Is it possible for my TV signal to be too strong?

Yes, it is possible to pick up too much signal on your TV. The problems you notice in these cases may not be too different from cases of a lower signal. This confuses since TVs, and set-top boxes often indicate poor signal when an excess signal is issued.

The excess signal will also cause damage to whatever amplifier you use. It will impact the circuit of the amplifier as well as the TV tuners. Use a cheaper attenuator to determine the actual problem before you buy an expensive booster.

The 5 Best TV Aerial Signal Boosters

Antop Antenna Inc AT-601B Smartpass Amp with 4G LTE Filter & Power Supply Kit (Black)

Product Description

Buying new devices can seem like an unnecessary expenditure at times. Thankfully, ANTOP Smartpass Amplifier is a cost-effective pick for buyers on a budget. It still delivers on all the important functions of a signal booster despite its practical pricing.

ANTOP Smartpass Amplifier comes with a built-in LTE filter that is useful for blocking 3G and 4G signal interferences. This includes signal interference from common devices like tablets, mobile phone transmitters, phones, etc. As a result of this feature, you will get a noise-free digital TV reception with no hassles.

In addition, this amplifier has an effective all-in-one design. This allows for easy control and switching between UHF reception and VHF reception. You can catch any channel irrespective of your distance from the transmitter.

Not only can you make connections more smoothly, but both short-range and long signals are amplified. This is advantageous if you’re struggling to choose between short-range and long-range antennas.

The dual-color indicator is a nifty function that lights up green for long receptions and yellow for a short reception. The smart switch is another useful feature that lets you avoid amplification overload. It does this by letting you switch on for weaker signal levels and switch off for stronger signal receptions accordingly.

Many users are pleased with this product because it has low noise levels. The noise level is lower than 2 dB regardless of whether you receive UHF, FM, or VHF signals.

This booster has a maximum gain of 16 dB, a decent range of gain and optimum for use. Higher amounts of gain can over-amplify, leading to lower reception quality.

The installation of this signal booster is quick and efficient. It has to be powered to become operational and can be powered via a USB cable. The full package comes with a USB cable and an adapter. A 5V output on USB-port is suitable for this purpose. Since you will also receive a manual, you won’t have to rely on external aid and save money during installation.

Main Features

  • The noise levels are low
  • Supports all formats and allows wide access
  • The range of gain is acceptable
  • Easy, cost-effective installation

Why have We Chosen the Product?

ANTOP Smartpass Amplifier gives you access to free over the air broadcasts at 1080p TV, 4K, HDTV, and more. Not to mention, it also supports several non-amplified antennas for your benefit.

This signal booster does not come with multiple special features. However, it is functional for regular use. It is a great pick for those living in remote areas, wanting to boost their signal without spending extra.

Wolsey 4 Way LTE700 Distribution Amplifier 334083
212 Customer Reviews
Wolsey 4 Way LTE700 Distribution Amplifier 334083

Product Description

Not being able to find your preferred channels on TV can be a bummer. Some areas don’t receive every channel, and a signal booster is the right way to resolve this issue.

Like some of the other signal boosters in this list, Wolsey 4 Way TV Booster Amplifier also has multiple inputs. This means that you can combine band-specific TV antennas with this amplifier. As a result, both VHF and UHF signals can be boosted with the help of this device. Ultimately, you will be able to view more channels with enhanced quality.

This product has 2 coaxial input systems that function simultaneously. You can enhance the signal for both radios and televisions. This is because one input is for the FM/DAB antenna, and the other is for the VHF/UHF antenna.

Not to mention, you don’t have to worry about interference from 4G signals thanks to the built-in LTE filter. Household devices can cause interference, and blocking them out can help greatly with good reception.

Given its multiple-input and effective interference blockage, this device combines other amplifiers’ great features on this list.

One of its other beneficial features is the adjustable gain. Since too much gain can be problematic for the reception as well, this is a convenient addition. You will have access to both high and low ranges of gain. You can access 0 to 10 dB of amplification on this device.

By optimizing your gain, you can make this booster work even when the signal is weak. As a result, this device is most suitable for those living at the edges of their broadcast areas.

This amplifier has a short circuit protected design to ensure durability and keep your homes safe. As a result, you can count on it to remain functional even with regular usage.

Main Features

  • Functional with both VHF and UHF antennas
  • Functional with both FM and DAB
  • 4 coaxial outputs
  • Effective LTE filtering for cutting down interference
  • Adjustable gain

Why have We Chosen the Product?

This signal booster has four coaxial outputs to allow you to distribute signal boosts to 4 devices. Thus Wolsey 4 Way Amplifier is the perfect pick if you are looking to use more than one TV set at once. Not to mention, this amplifier not only enhances the signal on your televisions but also your radios.

In addition, it is suitable for improving the overall signal quality. This means that it reduces pixelation while accessing more stations. Along with strengthening the signals, it also eliminates and clears up noise for a clean reception.

TV Aerial, Indoor Amplified Digital HDTV Aerial 200+ Mile Range with 4K 1080P HD VHF UHF Freeview TV for Life Local Channels Broadcast for All Types of Home Smart Television
3,694 Customer Reviews
TV Aerial, Indoor Amplified Digital HDTV Aerial 200+ Mile Range with 4K 1080P HD VHF UHF Freeview TV for Life Local Channels Broadcast for All Types of Home Smart Television

Product Description

This device provides benefits like more channels, greater range, and clearer signal by being paired with the right antenna. You can avail of hundreds of free full HD channels, including both popular and local stations. It is also practically priced, given that you can watch more TV without paying extra for it.

Any station you choose to watch can thus be streamed with adequate clarity. This entails reduced signal dropout and minimized pixelation.

The upgraded design allows it to have a 120-mile long range of reception. This makes it suitable for those living in distant areas or areas covered by buildings or forests.

Moreover, the Smart IC Chip Next generation and Crystal Clear Filter Technology ensures the greatest efficiency. This signal booster can pick up the faintest signals while eliminating mobile interference at the same time.

GOOQEE 120 Mile Range amplifier also has an ultra-thin design for user-friendliness. You can place it anywhere in your homes since it is light and requires no external power connection.

It is compatible with a 16.5 feet coax cable as well. The installation is easy, requiring you to just stick the amplifier on the desired surface with the packaged stickers.

Main Features

  • Easy installation procedure
  • Ultra-thin design
  • Allows access to multiple free HD channels
  • Crystal Clear Filter Technology
  • Works well with long coaxial cables.

Why have We Chosen the Product?

GOOQEE 120 Mile Range amplifier comes with a 1-year warranty and an option for replacement within 3 months. This makes it a practical pick to ensure your full satisfaction.

This signal booster is ideal for picking up on even the most distant signals. It delivers a range of channels while being highly cost-effective. It’s best suited for those living in remote areas or in locations that are obstructed in some way.

One For All Ultra Flat Amplified Indoor Digital TV Aerial - Ready to receive Freeview and Analogue TV Signals within a range of 15 miles – Full HD Ready - HDTV Antenna – UHF/VHF – white – SV9215
1,192 Customer Reviews
One For All Ultra Flat Amplified Indoor Digital TV Aerial - Ready to receive Freeview and Analogue TV Signals within a range of 15 miles – Full HD Ready - HDTV Antenna – UHF/VHF – white – SV9215

Product Description

One For All Ultra Flat Amplifier is a good choice for versatility as well as quality performance.

The range of reception is from 0 to 15 miles and promises the best performance. You will be able to access your closest transmitter within this range to get better quality television.

Thanks to its Freeview feature, you can watch up to 15 HD channels and over 60 digital TV channels. Given its compatibility with TV and DAB signals, you can have access to a variety of stations.

This device has a convenient ultra-flat design to allow for easy installation. It can be placed anywhere with ease and is suitable for hiding behind flat TVs.

Main Features

  • Ultra-flat design
  • Decent reception quality
  • 0 to 15-mile reception range
  • 3G and 4G LTE filter
  • Freeview for watching more channels

Why have We Chosen the Product?

The specialized 3G and 4G LTE filtration systems ensure that no interference gets in the way of your reception. It blocks out extra signals from mobile devices, phone towers, and other household appliances. This allows you to have an uninterrupted binging session any time you want.

Additionally, this compact device comes with the required equipment for installation. The installation is completely hassle-free, and you can mount it with the help of adhesive stickers.

In Summary

Signal troubles are common and can test your patience. Instead of waiting around for the weather to clear up, or for lesser interference, invest in a good amplifier. Aerial signal boosters are an easy way to solve signal issues once and for all.

With the help of our reviews and buying guide, you can quickly pick out the right amplifier for your TV.

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