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Best SCART To HDMI Adapter

What is meant by a SCART to HDMI Adapter? Why is the need of SCART to HDMI Adapter? What is the use of this Adapter?

Your new television cannot accept your SCART cable devices such as a DVD player or VCR player because it has HDMI ports. What you need to connect those devices is a SCART to HDMI adapter.

SCART is commonly used cable in most DVD players and game consoles. However, it is replaced by HDMI as HDMI provides high-quality pictures once connected to HD devices. Therefore, with SCART to HDMI adapter, you can not only connect your old devices but also enjoy clearer and brighter images carried out by HDMI.

For your ease of research, we recommend the three best SCART to HDMI adapters available in the market.

Our Top 3 Picks For SCART To HDMI Adapter

To choose the best SCART to HDMI adapter is quite challenging as it should be efficient and durable. Read along with the reviews of the products below and make your choice.

SCART to HDMI Converter Adaptor 1080P SCART to HDMI Adapter SCART Input HDMI Output Adaptor for SKY Blu-Ray Player HDTV DVD
362 Customer Reviews
SCART to HDMI Converter Adaptor 1080P SCART to HDMI Adapter SCART Input HDMI Output Adaptor for SKY Blu-Ray Player HDTV DVD
PROZOR can auto-convert the FR/FL Stereo Audio signals and composite video signals to HDMI digital audio and video signals. What you get is the clear, sharp and realistic videos in HD quality.

The device comes with an LED indicator light so that it indicates when the dv5v power is on. Moreover, it is compatible with the HDMI 1.3 Standard and Support SCART input, including NATSC3.58, SECAM, PAL, PAL/N, and PAL/M. You can connect your HDTV, Blu-Ray Player and DVD easily.


  • Easy to use and install
  • Comes with a USB cable
  • Switch to 720p/1080p (60hz)


  • Not suitable as HDMI to SCART Adapter
EASYCEL Scart to HDMI Adaptor, Scart to HDMI Converter, Scart in HDMI Out Converter, Scart HDMI Adapter…
476 Customer Reviews
EASYCEL Scart to HDMI Adaptor, Scart to HDMI Converter, Scart in HDMI Out Converter, Scart HDMI Adapter…
EASYCEL SCART to HDMI Converter can upscale the SCART signals from your old devices with composite audios or videos to digital HDMI signals. This universal converter can convert to 1080p/60Hz HDMI output from the analogue SCART input.

One interesting feature is that you have the control to choose the resolution between 720p or 1080p with a switch. Moreover, the adapter also supports other inputs, including NTSC3.58, SECAM, PAL/M, PAL/N standard TV format inputs and NTSC4.43.


  • Auto-convert signals from analogue to digital
  • Used for set-up boxes, DVD player, Sky devices with SCART port
  • Portable
  • One-year warranty


  • Cannot be used as HDMI to SCART converter
  • Issues with sound quality

A Guide To SCART to HDMI Adapter

Dealing with electronic products has always been risky when you don’t have sufficient knowledge and experience. Therefore, we provide you with some key factors that you need to know while selecting the SCART to HDMI adapter.

Features To Look For While Buying SCART To HDMI Adapter

Let us directly dive into the features you need to look for:


Many manufacturers claim that the device is compatible with all types of screen resolutions. However, you should check whether it is compatible with the composite output and the SCART. That is because many adapters can receive only composite video signals from SCART input.


In some adapter, you are faced with the problems of input lag. This happens, when you use a processor to upscale a video signal.

Make sure you select the converter that offers high performance. Adapters can reduce the input lag through line doubling system.


A SCART to HDMI adapter should have a maximum resolution of 1080p. With this resolution, you get higher and realistic HD video quality on your television.

Some adapters allow you to switch the resolution between 720p and 1080p. So, you can select the resolution based on your preference.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Does SCART To HDMI Adapter Work?

The SCART sends an analogue signal and HDMI sends digital signals. To convert the analogue signals to digital signals, you need a power supply which is provided by an adapter box. The box converts the signal without compromising the sound and picture quality.

The SCART to HDMI adapter has an HDMI port and a SCART port.

Below, you can see how to properly connect the SCART to HDMI adapter to your old device and new TV.

  • Using the SCART cable, connect your old device directly to the SCART to HDMI adapter.
  • Now, with the HDMI cable, connect your HDMI enabled television to the SCART to HDMI adapter.

Now, you can use your old devices without HDMI ports with a SCART to HDMI adapter.

2. Can You Convert HDMI To SCART?

Yes, it is possible to convert HDMI to SCART. For that, you need a device that uses SCART as the output and HDMI as input.

You need an adapter that can work both ways. That means, it should have reverse output and input.

3. Can You Use A SCART To HDMI Cable Works Instead Of The Adapter?

The cables are quite popular and widely available in the market. Unfortunately, they do not work efficiently like the adapter.

The reason is simple that the cable cannot convert the signals. You need special converters and adapters that have in-built hardware to convert the signals.

Final Thoughts

Owning a SCART to HDMI adapter is a great choice if you want your old devices to run efficiently and experience great audio and visual quality. These adapters are lightweight, portable and easy to use.

We have provided you with our top recommendations and a buying guide to look out for the features in a SCART to HDMI adapter. You can find and choose the one that meets all your requirements.

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