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Best Outdoor TV Aerial For Freeview UK

A standard aerial can make a significant difference to the quality of the TV viewing experience. A TV aerial is a structure made of metal designed to receive VHF and UHF signals. The  TV channels broadcast these signals via specialist transmission towers, which are mainly placed on the roof of the TV stations or any other high ground such as a hill. 

Your aerial receives signals which are then converted into visual and audio by your TV set. 

We will look at the available option for outdoor tv aerial Freeview in the UK to you that we believe they are top in the market. If you are looking for an outdoor TV aerial or thinking about upgrading one, we are here for you. 

The following are the areas we will focus on:

What is an outdoor TV antenna

If you have an excellent TV set, you will enjoy TV features such as high-quality images. You may want to have an incredible reception as well to match your television. Notwithstanding the stylish design of your telly and quality sound system, if your favourite programmes appear in snowy-quality pictures, you will not enjoy the watching experience and your TV set. 

To make sure you have the best viewing experience, you need to enable your telly to receive great reception. You can enable it by facilitating it with an outdoor aerial. Most aerial manufacturers strive to design the best aerials for the best reception with crystal clear signals.

Freeview has 15 HD channels and 70 standard channels of free information and entertainment.  Freeview is available to anyone; all you need to do is to set an aerial to receive its signals. If you can not set up an aerial, you can set up for Freesat. In some cases, indoor aerials are the only option, especially if you live in city environments. Outside the city, outdoor aerials tend to perform better than indoor ones.

Understanding aerials (the basics)

First, you should know that there is nothing like a digital TV aerial; this is just a marketing term used by brands to sell their products. In a nutshell, aerials are devices designed to detect radio waves and transfer them to your television. Different aerials are created for different purposes and situations, and for this reason, you should choose an aerial that will suit your needs.

Understanding aerials (the technical stuff)

We have already established that aerials pick radio waves up. These radio waves are then broadcast in frequencies commonly referred to as bands. Bands are subdivided into channels, whereby each one of them uses its designated purpose. 

The whole idea of how frequencies work is easy to visualise when you think of an old-school television. An old-model TV has some physical dials where you turn them a bit at a time to travel along with the frequency of the channel you want to watch. With time, old TV models have been replaced by modern ones, but whichever the case, when you buy a new TV or move to another area, your TV will have to scan for TV channels available.

Aerials purpose is to receive the frequency which is broadcast by a digital TV. Such frequencies include the Ultra High Frequency (UHF), subdivided further into 21 to 68 channels.

Choosing the right TV aerial

When choosing an aerial to buy, you will need to either pick an outdoor or indoor television aerial. You can also opt to purchase either an amplified or non-amplified television antenna. If you are not sure of which aerial to buy, the following factor will help you when choosing one:

1. Polarity

Television services are either vertically-polarised or horizontally polarised broadcast. Your aerial mounting will depend on the transmitter; it should point to the transmitter direction and the service broadcast polarity. When looking for an aerial, you should consider which type of aerial will work well for the TV services you need.

 2. Aerial Group

 For better frequency reception, an aerial can be designed to receive a particular range of frequencies. Grouped aerial is a term used to refer to such kinds of aerials. Group A aerials receive broadcast services between channels 12 to 37.  This used to function well for quite some time; however, some channels migrated to 5G and 4G services. For this reason, many television services have been squeezed into fewer channels.

Right now, a good number of transmitters are using frequencies that are different from the ones that have been in use for a good number of years. This means that you could be using a grouped antenna that is less effective for the current frequencies. When choosing an aerial, choose one that will cover all frequency ranges because it is very difficult to know which group aerial is best for you. If you want an aerial that can receive a specific range of frequencies, seek a professional for advice.

3. Location

Some aerials work better in certain places than others. Also, you will not need an outdoor aerial in some locations as the indoor one will be enough to receive the required signals. When buying an aerial, you should always consider your location and seek advice on what kind or type of aerial will work best. 

An outdoor aerial height is at its best height when raised to 10 m without anything between it and the transmitter. 

What do you need for Freeview?

1. A Freeview TV, box or recorder

If you got your TV after 2010, you might have bought it with a built-in Freeview. All you have to do is connect an aerial to enjoy your favourite programmes.

If your TV is an HD one, you will enjoy watching up to 15 HD channels. Also, with this device, you can pause a programme, rewind it or record it live; all you need to do is upgrade to Freeview play recorder. In addition, if you choose a Freeview Play device, you can enjoy some benefits of a live TV and access on-demand and catch up content in one place.

2. An aerial

To access Freeview, you will need a proper aerial pointing the transmitter direction. Indoor aerials can pick up Freeview, but outdoor aerial is more effective for the best results. 

We would advise you to get a professional aerial installer because they will help you determine the perfect aerial for your location by suggesting the available options in the market.

3. A TV licence

Everyone in the UK who watches broadcast TV must renew their TV licence on an annual basis. It does not matter what type of TV you own because it is a must-have licence. Once you pay for your TV licence, there is nothing you are required to pay on top to enjoy Freeview.

4. An internet connection

If you prefer watching some digital terrestrial Freeview television channels, you do not need an internet connection. However, if you own a Freeview Play device and you prefer on-demand and catch-up content, you will need to have an internet connection.

Our best outdoor aerials for Freeview

SLx 27895K4 Outdoor Aerial, Digidome For TV Digital Freeview HD 360° Omni Directional Amplified Antenna with Integrated 4G Filter and Full Installation Kit,White
5,600 Customer Reviews
SLx 27895K4 Outdoor Aerial, Digidome For TV Digital Freeview HD 360° Omni Directional Amplified Antenna with Integrated 4G Filter and Full Installation Kit,White

Product description

This aerial has a 21st-century design. This aerial means bulky outdoor antennas will be a thing of the past because it has SLx DigiDome. The innovative technology enhances full reception in packed-close and modern design for easy installation. The design also prevents your roof from cluttering.

The reception of this aerial is 360. It is crafted using a unique Omni-directional technology that receives all the available digital television signals within your locality. The aerial can receive both UHF and VHF frequencies. Also, the aerial can receive all-digital signals available such as HD Freeview channels.

The aerial package includes a 10 m Coax Cable, Wall Bracket, Fixings, Cable clips, and Amplifier. 

Main features

Below are some of the product features that made it appear on top of our list:

  • Setting up the aerial is relatively straightforward; the user guide is included and easy to follow.
  • It has an in-built 4G filter which helps in removing interference and channel disruptions caused by signals from mobile phone 4G.
  • The product is from a well-established British manufacturer renowned for high-quality electrical accessories. So, when buying this product, you will have much confidence in it.
  • It is built using Omni-directional technology, which has 360° reception. You will not need to keep rotating your aerial for it to face the transmitter.

Why we have chosen it

The product appeared on top of the list because of its design: Omni-directional technology, which facilitates 360° reception. Most outdoor aerials in the market lack this feature, and for that reason, it is our best outdoor aerial.

Also, SLx is a manufacturer that is well known for quality electrical accessories. We read reviews on the product, and most of them are excellent. Most TV owners are satisfied with the services offered by this aerial.

Read reviews

The good thing about reading product reviews is that you get first-hand information about users’ experiences. We may give you information about the product and how it helped us, but others might have a different opinion about the product.

This aerial has both negative and positive reviews, and we encourage you to read all of them to make an informed decision before buying one.

SSL 48 Element Tri Boom TV Aerial KIT Digital HD Freeview Loft/Outdoor Aerial Antenna 4G & 5G With Full Kit High Performance
3,271 Customer Reviews
SSL 48 Element Tri Boom TV Aerial KIT Digital HD Freeview Loft/Outdoor Aerial Antenna 4G & 5G With Full Kit High Performance

Product description

This aerial is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. If you want an enhanced home entertainment system without any form of interference, this is the aerial for you. The aerial ensures you get clear images and quality sound from all available signals in your locality. 

The aerial kit comes with a wall bracket and a pole for mounting your aerial outside or inside your house. You can mount the aerial on your wall, loft, or fascia. Also in the installation kit is a 10 m coax cable, aerial pole, connectors, waterproof rubber boot and a mounting plate.

The aerial is equipped with a 4G filter which removes 4G mobile phone signals from interfering with your viewing. The aerial has a frequency range of uhf470-790MHz with an impedance of 75Ω, and the aerial is perfect for strong UHF signals reception.

Main features

Why is this product attracting more customers in the market than others? And what has the manufacturer done to make the product unique in the aerial market? Well, the following points will answer those questions:

  • The aerial is created with waterproof material, and it can withstand even the harshest weather conditions.
  • The design and the materials used to make the aerial make it more solid and easy to install.
  • It has an excellent reception that allows it to receive 4K Ultra digital Freeview television signals such as a BT TV. 
  • The aerial is 4G filtered; hence no interference when watching your TV.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation, making it flexible.

Why we have chosen it

The aerial has 48 elements and an excellent reception of a 4K Ultra HD digital Freeview signal. Using this aerial, you will receive high-quality images and sound, which you may not get with other aerials.

Another reason why this aerial product had to be on our list is the material used to design the aerial. The aerial is durable as the material makes it waterproof even to resist the heaviest weather conditions. This feature allows the aerial to serve you for long without any maintenance as everything that makes it will not be affected by external conditions. 

Read reviews

The aerial has some of the most fantastic reviews. Yet, you will also find some critics of the product. Appreciating both sides helps you make an informed decision when buying any product. Follow the main points that reviewers focus on to see if they match what you are looking for in an aerial.

TriStar Digital TV Aerial Compact Tri-Fold Easy Assembly Aerial Kit 4G Filter Outdoor Or Loft 27900KTR
1,487 Customer Reviews
TriStar Digital TV Aerial Compact Tri-Fold Easy Assembly Aerial Kit 4G Filter Outdoor Or Loft 27900KTR

Product Description

The TriStar Digital TV Aerial Compact Tri-Fold Easy Assembly Aerial Kit is designed to simultaneously receive 100% UHF digital television signals to minimise 4G mobile phone interference. The medium-gain kit has a vast reflector that improves directivity. 

This aerial is ideal in strong to moderate strength locations. You should mount it on an outdoor aerial mast while pointing to the nearest transmitter direction for best results. Also, ensure that the aerial is in a position that will not cause any form of obstruction of the transmitter signals, such as trees and buildings. Your neighbour’s aerial direction can guide you if you find it hard to locate the transmitter’s direction.

Main features

After an intensive evaluation of the product, we picked the following features as its main selling points that make the aerial stand out in the market.

  • The aerial is capable of receiving all available digital television signals in your locality.
  • It has 4G filters which help you enjoy viewing without any interference.
  • The kit has all tools that facilitate easy mounting of the aerial.
  • TriStar is a well-established brand, and for this, the aerial receives the advantage of buyer confidence.

Why we have chosen it

This TriStar product is an impressive aerial. Suppose you reside in a geographical location that has moderate signal strengths. In that case, this aerial will help you enjoy all the 70 TV channels, 15 HD channels, and more than 30 radio stations, similar to areas with strong signal strength levels.

Setting up the aerial is simple as the kit has all you need in an aerial installation. The user guide manual uses simple steps, and if you are a DIY enthusiast, installing this aerial can be a piece of cake for you.

Read reviews

The information we have provided may not be enough for you if you are a detailed person. If you want to get more information, you should rush to the reviews section of this product and determine what the aerial users are saying about the product that matches our information. We urge you to look at all the reviews to get all you want to know about this aerial.

SSL 48 Element Tri Boom Very High Gain Freeview HD TV Aerial 4G & 5G, Easy Setup
3,271 Customer Reviews
SSL 48 Element Tri Boom Very High Gain Freeview HD TV Aerial 4G & 5G, Easy Setup

Product description

Each one of us wants our home entertainment system to function without any hitch. Choosing a decent aerial for your TV is an integral part of ensuring you achieve what you are looking for in a perfect home entertainment system. SSL TV aerial is a perfect aerial that will ensure you receive clear pictures and quality sound.

Inside the aerial’s box, you will find one 48 element TV aerial, one dipole, F-connector, rubber waterproof, aerial pole climb, ICE TV aerial plug male connector, and a user manual.

Main features

If you want to know what is unique about this aerial, look at the following unique features of the aerial. You will not hesitate to buy it if you are looking for an aerial in the market.

  • It is suitable for receiving strong UHF signals.
  • The aerial is created using waterproof material, which makes it last longer than other aerials as it is not affected by external conditions.
  • The aerial can receive signals in areas with fringe and weak signal strength.
  • Setting up the aerial is easy.

Why we have chosen it

In some areas, especially rural areas, some aerials are not capable of receiving TV signals. Many viewers struggle to get a perfect aerial strong enough to help them enjoy Freeview channels. This aerial is a perfect solution in such areas. It can receive signals even in areas with a weak signal range. 

Read reviews

The product has great reviews; many reviewers praise it for being a cheaper aerial. Notwithstanding, others have criticised it saying it is not what the manufacturer says it is. 

With all these contrasting reviews, you will be able to get the two sides of the product: positive and negative ones, which in the process help you determine whether this aerial is for you or not.

With our best top five outdoor aerials for Freeview, we believe one of them will work well for you in enhancing your home entertainment system. We hope that we have made your work easier if you have been struggling to find a perfect outdoor aerial for your TV.

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