Best Double Ovens

Whenever you host family or friends for special occasions, you may realise you need a double oven to avoid delays. A double oven is popular because of its efficiency and ability to hold more. You can refer to it as a workhorse because you can cook a lot at once. Although a luxury appliance, you ought to invest in it for a better lifestyle.

Like many kitchen appliances in the market, a double oven comes in various forms. All these different forms also have additional features. For example, some have a wider glass window for viewing, while others have a self-cleaning function.

A double oven is at the top of all kitchen appliances. Typically, a double oven has two built-in ovens structures arranged side-by-side or vertically stacked. The design gives you two separate cooking areas independent of each other. While cooking for large groups such as family or friends, you will not need to cook different meals at particular times and temperatures. The most outstanding value of a double oven is splitting two required temperatures and cooking times at once.

The question here is, how do you determine the best double oven that will fulfil your needs, and which brand gives the best value? We will help you navigate through the double oven realm and provide you with our best picks.

The following will form forms the basis of best double ovens:

  • Why you need a double oven?
  • How double ovens make life easier?
  • What to consider when choosing double oven?

Why you need a double oven

Purchasing a double oven may seem like unnecessary extravagance or luxury to some. Still, if you know the value of having one, you will not mind incorporating one in your kitchen. A double oven host a good number of benefits: Below are some benefits you will enjoy once you purchase a double oven:

1. Lots of capacity

If you like holding parties at your place, a double oven will make it easier for you when cooking for your friends or family. With a double oven, you can cook different recipes at the same time. You can bake a cake while your meant stew cooks away at the exact moment. Two ovens mean a double number of racks. So, if you are preparing different recipes, you can place them at different ranks and cook simultaneously.

2. Allergy-friendly: great for those with allergies

Another significant advantage of having a double oven is, you can cook food for people with allergies in a separate oven away from the rest. This ensures there is no mixing of ingredients that may affect allergic people if specific ingredients mix.

For example, double ovens are a relief for people who take gluten-free meals. You can cook such meals in the top oven while cooking the rest of the meal in the main oven. 

3. Cook multiple items at once

Dedicated chefs will love the flexibility of these double ovens. The ovens have different functions that allow you as a chef to roast, cook, and bake simultaneously. These different functions help you to create a complete menu of several dishes without flavours intermingling. Also, you will not waste time heating food up in your microwave. What does this Mean? You will have a stress-free dinner with your friends and family.

How a double oven makes life easier

Double ovens hasten your cooking chores and get you to spend more time with your loved ones. As its name suggests, a double oven means two cooking spaces. Most of the double ovens in the market have three setups: 

  • Two full-sized 
  • A full-sized with a smaller one at the top
  • A full oven with a microwave at the top or a convention. 

Double ovens have made life easier in the following ways:

1. Bigger and better

Cooking for a large group can be overwhelming, but cooking is simpler and easier with a double oven. A double oven offers you extra space, which allows you to produce quality food in quantities you want. 

Consider a party where you have enough space to roast beef in the lower oven while potatoes and green bean casserole cook in the upper oven: and all this cooks at the same time. Therefore, you will not require to reheat food in the microwave. This can be a life-saving moment. A double oven saves you time and makes cooking less overwhelming. 

2. Culinary customization

Using a double oven, you can cook your meals in your way and in whatever mode you prefer. You can bake, roast, steam or broil. The ovens have different functions that facilitate all these to happen. You will have your meal your way.

Have you ever tried to prepare a broccoli casserole at 325°C and meatloaf at 400°C? You might have realised that determining the correct temperature and time to accommodate each recipe in one space is quite a headache. A double oven has a solution for this kind of crisis. It cooks different recipes in a separate oven with separate settings. With double ovens, you can easily customise your meals.

3. Do more with less

One of the greatest ways in which a double oven makes life easier is it saves you a lot of time. Large meals need time and a lot of scheduling to rotate the dishes through the oven. 

Imagine cooking a chicken at one point, and on the other hand, you have potatoes, pies, and veggies cooking, and all meals get ready at the same time. That can be quite an achievement! Right? Simultaneously cooking saves you a lot of time and hassle before serving.

Double ovens also save on energy. The truth is, using both ovens at the same time uses more power, but you occasionally cook a multi-course meal! A double oven has a smaller oven at the top that is ideal for regular meals. This saves a lot of energy compared to typical single ovens.

4. No fish-flavored flan

With a double oven, you will not need to worry about an apple pie that smells like meat as each of the two meals cooks separately at the same time.

I believe you have ever been served a dessert with a garlic-like smell. Some foods and spices permeate the rest of the food in the oven. With double ovens, you can avoid such incidents. You can prepare your garlic meal in a separate oven from other meals. You might not appreciate this benefit if you have never tested a dessert that smells like a fish, but if you have ever, you would probably appreciate this double oven advantage.

5. More than just good food

A double oven is not just like any other appliance in the kitchen. It is more of an upgrade because it has better features and a modern design. Some of the basic options and features available in a double oven are:

  • One-touch control
  • Heat-distributing sensors
  • LED display
  • Removable doors
  • An automatic turn-off function
  • Porcelain-coated racks
  • Multiple cooking modes

In addition, a double oven offers you quality time with your friends and family. While preparing the meal, you can chat with them as the food cooks: you can balance the time you spend in the kitchen and outside with your family and friends. 

What to consider when choosing best ovens

When you go to the market to purchase a double oven, don’t just pick any. The following are vital things to consider when buying a double oven:

1. Cooking power and range

Choose an oven that has a high level of cooking power. A double oven that has powerful cooking ability ought to be your top priority.

Most ovens heat up to a maximum of 500F. Your focus should be on maximum temperatures capabilities and the number of options the oven has, such as broiling features and convention fans.

2. Size

A double oven is larger than a conventional oven; hence it takes a significant space in your kitchen whether you place it side-by-side or vertically. When buying a double oven, ensure your kitchen has a space for the oven. You should buy only the size that will fit well in your kitchen. 

Besides the appropriate size, you should also consider the cooking capacity of a double oven. Choose an oven with a large volume that can handle multiple dishes in both ovens. Also, consider your cooking wants when making selections for your oven size.

3. Reliability

You don’t want an oven that will experience a premature breakdown. Different brands create different ovens using different materials. When it comes to reliability, not all brands will give you maximum satisfaction. Well established brands have excellent warranty programs that are a reflection of their confidence in their products. When shopping for a double oven, look for such brands’ products. 

Some of the ovens work well in their first months or years and later on start developing complications. Reading reviews will help you know brands that behave in this manner.

4. Features

Best ovens are equipped with a wide range of options and features. Modern ovens have advanced features, which include a touchscreen and remote cooking via smartphones.

Although advanced features should not be your priority when choosing a double oven, they make cooking more manageable and enjoyable.

5. Design

A double oven is a conspicuous kitchen appliance. When anyone enters your kitchen, a double oven will be the first thing to identify. So, while choosing one, pick that one that appeals to the eye.

Ovens come in different designs. Currently, shoppers prefer ovens with stainless finishes. Alternatively, finishes of colours such as orange, black, blue, and red are also gaining popularity.

Well established manufacturers infuse hue deep into the oven’s steel to make it more resistant to scratch. Other additional designs to look at include a physical knob versus a touch screen or a combination of both.

Our best double oven

There are many double ovens in the market. Each has its unique selling points. Here are our top five picks.

DD2540BL Class 2 Built-in Oven - Black
115 Customer Reviews
DD2540BL Class 2 Built-in Oven - Black

Product description

This is an electric built-in double oven with dimensions of (L x W x H) 88.7 x 59.5 x 57.5 centimetres. It has knob controls and a push-button with an LED display. This product has an electronic timer for accurate cooking that you can easily program to suit your cooking needs. The oven’s interior has a main light and is made of enamel that is easy to clean in any spills.

The appliance fits well within the column of your kitchen, at eye level. For you to peer through the oven, it is designed with a double glazed glass door. The main oven consumes 0.96 kWh of energy, while the secondary oven consumes 0.85 kWh. 

product features

There are main features that make this product stand out in the market. They are:

  • The appliance can cook food evenly: it does matter where you put your food in the oven.
  • It provides you with an extra cooking space; the oven has a secondary unit and a grill.
  • The appliance is equipped with a defrost function that thaws your frozen food items hygienically in a faster way.
  • Once the cooking time ends, the oven automatically switches off, and you do not end up getting burnt food as a result of excess cooking.
  • The slow cook option is ideal for cooking tender foods like liver and vegetables.
  • The interiors of this double oven are made of enamel which is easy to clean after spills.

Why we have chosen it

The product has “A” ratings meaning that people have tried, tested and approved this product. Also, the appliance has unique features that are absent in many conventional ovens and even modern ones. 

In addition, the energy consumption of both the main and secondary oven is lower. Moreover, you do not have to use both ovens every time you cook. If you opt to use the secondary oven, you can save a lot of energy.  

Read reviews

Reviews give you a lot of insights about the product from people who have had experience with it. Reading reviews will help you see all the sides of the product.

Aria Electric Built In Double Oven - Stainless Steel
68 Customer Reviews
Aria Electric Built In Double Oven - Stainless Steel

Product description

The Indesit built-in double has dimensions of (L xW x H) 8.87 x 5.97 x 5.75 centimetres. It is an electric oven with the main oven having 71 litres capacity while the secondary oven has 39 litres. 

It has a built-in design with a fan, forced air, a twin grill, and a defrost function. With this oven, you can program the time your food cooks as it has an electronic programmable timer. For selecting options, you use buttons or dial controls with an LED display.  Cleaning the oven is simple; first, the oven has a removable glass door that helps you clean thoroughly, and secondly, the interior is made of enamel: grease-proof material. 

Main features

  • The oven fits well and easily in the kitchen.
  • It has “A” energy-efficient ratings.
  • The oven interior is designed with enamel, a material that is grease-proof for easy cleaning.
  • It has a 10-year manufacturer guarantee upon registration.
  • You will not need to defrost your frozen food items in your microwave as the appliance has a defrosting feature.

Why we have chosen it

The product’s manufacturer has shown a lot of confidence in the product. A ten-year manufacturer guarantee is a proof that the product will serve you for a very long period. In case of issues with the product, the manufacturer stands behind you in ensuring the oven works efficiently. Such products are not easy to find in the market, and for that reason, the product had to appear on our top picks.

Read reviews

After reading reviews, you will be able to prove whether the product serves for long or not. You will meet users who have used the product for years and will help you determine if the product is for you or not.

Cookology CDO720BK 60cm Combined 88 Litre Capacity Large Built Under Electric True Fan Double Oven with Easy Programmable Timer and Digital Clock - in Black Glass
90 Customer Reviews
Cookology CDO720BK 60cm Combined 88 Litre Capacity Large Built Under Electric True Fan Double Oven with Easy Programmable Timer and Digital Clock - in Black Glass

Product description

The Cookology double oven is a Cookology designed appliance with a 54 litres capacity and 43.20kg weight. It is made in an excellent standard size that allows it to fit perfectly under your kitchen counter. The oven gives you value for your money due to its exceptional and efficient performance.

It has a combination of both touch and rotary controls. It has a unique feature; a key lock. Similar to modern ovens, this oven also has a programmable timer: minute minder style. Other components that make up the oven are a cooling fan, four functions (Static Bottom & Top Heat, Grill, Light, Grill & Top Heat), 140 cm cable, main oven and fan-forced oven.  

Main features

What makes this product stand out? The following features come out as the main product’s selling points.

  • It has a standard-size design that makes it fit nicely under the kitchen counter.
  • You can select the options of the oven using touch controls.
  • It has a unique key lock feature. You can lock your oven when you do not want any interference with your cooking.
  • It has a 12-month manufacturer guarantee. This is an indication that Cookology designs standard ovens.

Why we have chosen it

The oven is a sizable appliance ideal for smaller kitchens. Most of the city kitchen design is much smaller compared to rural kitchens. For this reason, smaller appliances are much more favourable. Also, the oven is energy efficient compared to other larger double ovens.

Read reviews

Some people have asked the manufacturer several questions about this product. Before you click the “ buy” button, go through all the questions and answers. Also read all the product reviews: positive and critical ones, to make a better decision.

Cookology CDO720SS 60cm Combined 88 Litre Capacity Large Built Under Electric True Fan Double Oven with Easy Programmable Timer and Digital Clock - in Stainless Steel
43 Customer Reviews
Cookology CDO720SS 60cm Combined 88 Litre Capacity Large Built Under Electric True Fan Double Oven with Easy Programmable Timer and Digital Clock - in Stainless Steel

Product description

It is a Cookology product and is one of their best selling Stainless Versions under double ovens. The manufacturer has integrated quality materials and high-end features which enhance performance. The oven fits nicely under your standard kitchen worktop. 

The finishing of the oven is Stainless steel, with silver dials, a touch control panel, and a dark glass door. It comes in a magnificent style, and it is hard to find this oven’s match in the market. The upper oven is a standard static oven with a grill. It is suitable for keeping food warm while using the main oven. 

The main oven is quite more extensive. Once you switch on the oven, the heat is distributed evenly within a short time. Cleaning the oven is made easier by enamel walls and removable doors and racks.

Product features

We carried out an intensive study on the product, and we managed to pull out the following main selling points of this Cookology product. 

  • It comes in a beautiful design that provides aesthetic beauty for your kitchen.
  • The installation process is simple to follow.
  • It is easy to navigate the oven’s functions due to its simplicity.
  • You can easily clean the oven as the interior sides are made of enamel. Also, removable doors and racks make cleaning easier.

Why we have chosen this product

This is the best selling Stainless Version oven of the Cookology brand. Its size fits well in a standard kitchen counter which makes it ideal for smaller urban kitchens. Most of the reviews praise the product, and we agree with them.

We had an experience with this product, and we can confidently say, operating the different functions is much simpler. Operating with the touch feature offers an enjoyable experience with the product.

Read reviews

The Cookology CDO720SS 60cm Stainless Steel Built under Electric Double Oven has excellent reviews. However, you will also come across critical reviews. Everything in the review section will be helpful when choosing a double oven in the market. Keenly go through all the reviews for a better understanding of this product.

Hotpoint HAE60KS Freestanding Cooker Double Oven Electric Black
212 Customer Reviews
Hotpoint HAE60KS Freestanding Cooker Double Oven Electric Black

Product description

The Hotpoint HAE60KS Freestanding Cooker Double Oven has four cooking zones, residual indicators of heat, double glazed windows and a variable grill. The product’s dimensions are ( L x W x H) 60 x 60 x90 centimetres

It is a more flexible oven with enough cooking space for your different meals. A double oven means two ovens. This oven has the main and a secondary oven. The main oven is an electric fan while the other is a conventional one. Both ovens have catalytic linings that use the heat from the ovens to melt the grease and other build-ups. For safety reasons, the manufacturer has put a hot hob indicator in case of any fire.

Product features

The product is unique in many ways. Its distinctive feature makes it stand out in the market. The following are areas that make it attractive to many shoppers:

  • The digital display makes it have a digital feel.
  • It has an ample cooking space which makes it flexible.
  • Intensive use of energy: the oven uses its heat to melt down grease and other messes.
  • It has a safety feature: equipped with a hot hob indicator. In case of any incidents, the hob will make an indication.

Why we have chosen it

Hotpoint is a well-established and reputable company selling electrical products across the world. When we came across the Hotpoint HAE60KS Freestanding Cooker Double Oven, we could not resist it because we knew it would not disappoint.

It is an excellent product, and its features tell it all. With most appliances moving the digital way, this product has a digital feel. In addition, navigating different options is relatively simple because all controls are well-labelled.

Read reviews

Despite it being a product from a reliable brand, you should not ignore its reviews. By reading, you will get to see both the good and the bad side of this product. Start by reading top positive and critical reviews before moving to others.

We believe we have helped you with enough information about our top double oven picks that will be useful when you are choosing the best double oven.

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