Best Budget 4K TV UK

Best Budget 4K TV UK

Are you looking at buying a 4K TV but feel you might be restricted by your budget? You’ll be pleased to hear that now is a pretty good time to buy 4K TVs, they’ve significantly dropped in price from when they first started coming out, with most new models having this technology.

Despite the drop, they can still be one of the most expensive tech items that you buy for your home. We’ve put together this buying guide on what to look for in a 4K TV, and picked out our best choices for various budgets and different screen sizes.

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Our top budget 4K TV pick

This is a rather long post, and if you don’t want to read it all then that’s fair enough! So if that is the case, we’ve done the leg work for you & chosen what we believe to be the best deal overall in regards to quality for the price.

HISENSE H65B7100UK 65-Inch 4K UHD HDR Smart TV with Freeview Play (2019)

Product Description
Hisense is becoming a household name in the UK in recent years, they are a Chinese TV manufacturer who has well and truly broken into the UK market. This stunning 65 Inch TV boasts over 4x the pixels of a standard full HD tv. The advanced technology HDR and the supporting of HLG and HDR 10 formats mean that the contrast is enhanced, making blacks darker and whites that bit whiter!

The sound is crystal clear with DTS Studio Sound providing a great overall entertainment experience. With the operating system that the TV runs, like a smart TV, it is easy to get access to well-known applications such as Rakuten TV, Youtube, Netflix, Prime Video, Freeview and many many more.

Main Features
This fantastic TV has several advanced features which speak for themselves as to the reason that we’ve chosen this, here are just a few:

  • It has 4K ULTRA HD – meaning the picture is crystal clear
  • The sound quality is fantastic with it’s DTS Studio integration
  • The operating system and remote mean you’re just a click away from the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime & Freeview play to name but a few
  • It’s got a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer
  • It suits a budget of under £500, which is fantastic for the size & technology provided

Why We’ve Chosen It
If it isn’t clear by the description and selling points I’m a real fan of this TV, so much so I have one myself. It’s a fantastic TV with crystal clear picture and the price is fantastic for what you get, it’s one of the cheapest 65inch 4K TVs you will be able to find on the market and Hisense are becoming a well-known brand in the industry.

They are quite obviously confident in their product with the two-year manufacturer warranty, it also has some great reviews.

Read The Reviews
The reviews for this Hisense models are generally really positive, but you should always read both sides. Make sure you read all the reviews and are fully aware of the pro’s and con’s of the product before purchasing.

You can easily read all the reviews by simply clicking the button below:

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How to buy the best 4K TV for you

It can be tricky to know how to determine which is the best TV for you, there are so many 4K TVs on the market with different brands, names, screen types, HDMI ports, sound devices amongst several other things. The best thing that you can do to find the best TV for your need is to read this guide, we go through everything we’ve just mentioned and more.

Ultimate however there are two main things that it boils down to when choosing a TV, which are:

  • Your budget: You have to choose a TV that fits within your budget restrictions, which is where we can help. We’ve picked out the best TVs for different budgets to help you understand what you can expect in each price bracket.
  • The size: Another thing you need to consider aside from your budget is the size you want, this is completely up to you but generally speaking the larger the TV the more expensive as you would expect.

Reliable 4K TV brands

If you are looking to buy a 4K TV then one of the main things you should be considering in your purchase is the brand, it’s extremely important to pick a reputable brand to ensure that your TV will last you for years to come. They are expensive products and there are a couple of low-quality brands you’ll want to avoid.

We’ve picked out some of the most reputable TV brands & provided a bit of an overview/review of each of them to provide you with a few names of brands you can trust.

LG TV Overview & Review

LG are one of the largest and well-known TV brands in the UK, they make TV’s in all sizes. They make OLED, Nanocell, LED & of course, 4K LED TVs. They are a Korean based electronics company, they have a lot of TV-related accolades as well to brag about, including being the first to launch shutter glasses 3D TVs, being the first in the world to come to market with an 84inch Ultra HD TV & introducing the worlds first 4K OLED TV to name but a few of their recent ones.

Samsung Overview & Review

Samsung is another premium brand in the TV industry and they typically offer the top-end 4K TV solutions which are reflected in the premium pricing. They are a reputable brand and have a long line of accolades to boast just like LG, some of their most recent are the worlds first 75-inch MicroLED, launched the 8K QLED, brought QLED to the global market & even debuted the first cinema LED screen.

Sony Overview & Review

You’ve probably heard of Sony, right? There a large company based in Japan who work across a variety of technology products, including TVs. They’ve been in the TV market since 1968 so have had a fair amount of time to perfect their product. They’re usually slightly cheaper than LG & Samsung but still offer a great product. They’ve recently started releasing their 8K range, which often means a bit of a price drop to their older 4K products, one to watch out for!

Hisense Overview & Review

Hisense has been working in the TV industry since 1969, and you’d be forgiven if you hadn’t heard of them as they’ve only recently within the last few years broken into the UK market. They are a Chinese manufacturer and the No.1 brand in China. They offer a top-quality product but often at a much lower price than some of the larger more well-known brands, which is likely down to less spend on advertising and marketing.

Philips TV Overview & Review

Another well-known brand, Philips has been around for years. They offer an extensive range of exciting technology with award-winning OLED and LED TVs. They also offer unique technology like their Ambilight system, truly a viewing experience that is in a class of its own. You can’t go wrong with a Philips & they tend to be reasonably priced in comparison to some of the larger brands.

Panasonic Overview & Review

Panasonic are a leading electronics brand and are one of the market leaders, they really broke onto the scene with their plasma TV range and often offered larger TVs than most other competitors in previous years. The market has caught up with them, but they do still offer a great product and competitive prices, they are a good choice and probably just a level below the likes of Sony, LG or Samsung, but not to be sniffed at if you can find one at the right price point!

TCL Overview & Review

TCL is a lesser-known brand, just like Hisense they are based in China, but they are one of the leading electronics manufacturers there. They haven’t yet broken into the UK market like Hisense have, however they will in the next few years I’m certain. They offer a great product at a relatively cheap price in comparison to some of the larger brands. It’s a great budget option reliable brand.

Toshiba Overview & Review

Toshiba are another brand that has been around for years, their TVs are reliable and always offer good quality. They are constantly working on developing and enhancing the viewing experience and they promise unparalleled picture quality. They have a large range of smart TVs and UHD TVs which all offer great detail and resolution. There a household name for most, and one you can trust.

Sharp Overview & Review

Sharp are a big name in the TV industry. They have been around since the 1950s and are a Japanese based company. They constantly break sales records with their LCD TVs and are where the first company to release and make available 8K TVs. Their name in recent years has begun to tail off a bit, and they aren’t the brand they used to be but they still offer a great product at a competitive price.


Of course, these aren’t the only reputable brands, however, these are just the main ones that we have picked out, there are several more out there but there’s no way we would be able to cover them all!

Why you should consider upgrading to 4K

I mean generally speaking if your TV works, and you’re happy with the quality then it’s probably not worth the upgrade. TV’s have come a long way in the last few years though, and 4K is now fairly mainstream on TV channels and streaming services.

The amount of content that is 4K & 4K HDR is constantly growing with the addition of several TV channels offering 4K, films and series. Even however if you don’t have access to a lot of 4K content, it may still be worth upgrading because typically the picture quality is better than any 4K models even on regular or high definition.

What types of TV display can I choose from?

Remember a time when a TV was just a TV? Or even when you just had the choice of HD? It’s a little more confusing now, but most of the terminology used is just for marketing purposes so it’s best to understand what they mean. There are all sorts of options manufacturers will give you for your 4K TV, here are a few of them:

An OLED screen is a light-emitting diode, It beats LED TVs are it’s lighter, thinner, offers a more refined picture and importantly uses a lot less energy. It’s a fairly new technology meaning it’s pretty expensive to buy an OLED but it’s supposed to have superior quality.

QLED stands for Quantum dot, and it essentially means that there are minuscule dots which form a layer in front of the backlighting and create the on-screen colours you see. Samsung is the creators of this technology but it’s not widely adopted, a few other brands use it although Samsung is the only brand of the bigger few to use it. It’s said that it provides more vibrant colour and bright image, but that’s subject to opinion.

Direct LED TV
Direct LED TVs or direct-lit LED is a full array backlighting offshoot where they spread the LEDs across the back of the panel of the TV. These aren’t widely available anymore, and they tend to lack any dimming features.

It’s a type of backlighting, and its referred to as edge lighting. It essentially means that a series of LED backlights are on the outer corners and edges of the screen. The main advantage of this is that manufacturers can make the screens extremely thin. There are disadvantages however, the black levels are not deep and the edges can be brighter than they should be.

HDR means High Dynamic Range and most mid to top range TVs now have this. It can deliver brighter highlights, it essentially has a great contrast & colour accuracy, which improves how closely the image looks to real life. There’s more to a TV than just a high resolution (4K), you also need the other factors to be on point and HDR delivers this.

What should I look for when buying a new TV?

When you’re buying a new TV there are a couple of details that you should look at in particular. That being said, however, do remember if you are buying budget you are going to have to compromise in certain areas like choosing a cheaper brand or slightly lower contrast for instance.

Here are the main things you should look at an compare when you are buying a 4K TV:

Contrast: You want to ensure the TV you pick has good contrast, make sure the whites are white and the black are black. It sounds silly, but if you look closely sometimes white colouring, for instance, can be a green or blue and the blacks can look a little washed out.

Colour: Take a look at the skin, that’s the best indicator as to whether the colour is quality. Look to see if there are any saturated areas.

Detail: How crisp are the finer details? Can you make out all the objects? This really shouldn’t be an issue with a 4K resolution TV, at all.

Edges: Check around the curve, make sure there are no bright edges.

Motion: You want a TV that can keep up with fast motion scenes, check some of the motion aspects whether it has any blurriness.

Image Artefacts: Do the images look in any way grainy or have smears? Higher quality TVs should look crystal clear.

Buying from a trusted brand with such an expensive item like this a must. There is a lot of knock off and low-quality TV options that you can purchase from brands you would have never heard of and can’t find out anything about. You may be tempted by the lower prices, but trust me, don’t do it! Chances are it won’t last the test of time.

Does the TV sound matter?

Well yes and no. Most high-quality 4K TVs have a decent sound, with their own integrated sound packages usually, if you read about them you’ll typically find there pretty good. That being said, 4K TVs are extremely slim, which means the audio kit inside may not be as good as you would expect from something priced as highly as 4K TVs are.

Most retailers if you buy a slim TV from them like a 4K will ring you up and try to upsell you a soundbar. They can be pretty expensive though, and really there not necessary unless you really care about the whole immersive experience. You can click here if you want to take a look at Soundbars

How many HDMI slots do you need?

This is personal preference really, you have to think of how many devices you want to be hooked up to it at any given time. I have my TV wall-mounted, so it would be a pain to keep unplugging and plugging in HDMI’s so I prefer a TV with several ports.

If you have a TV box like Virgin Media or Sky & perhaps a games console or DVD player then you’re likely to take up at least two ports right there, and you always want to have one spare just in case, so the minimum I would consider is three.

Do you want to wall hang the TV?

Wall mounting a TV is a popular choice, it means you don’t have to have a big clunky TV stand. Wall mounting any TV should be pretty straight forward as most allow you to do it and you can use universal brackets for the most part.

When buying a TV bracket you need to ensure that it first supports the size of your TV and more importantly the weight. It should be pretty straight forward to find a wall bracket, here you can find loads of examples of Universal TV Brackets.

Best 4K TV for under £300

Looking for a 4K TV with a relatively low budget of £300? Of course your not going to quite get the best 4K on the market, but we’ve found a pretty good one for you!

Toshiba 43U2963DB 43-Inch Smart 4K Ultra-HD LED TV with Freeview Play (2019 Model)

Product Description
Toshiba are a reputable brand in the TV industry and for the price to have an Ultra-HD LED 4K TV is a great deal. It’s got Alexa integration so you can control it without a remote, and of course its a smart TV so you’ve got all the streaming apps you would expect. It’s got great reviews and is highly rated, a real find if we don’t say so ourselves!

Main Features
We’ve detailed a few of the main selling points for this Toshiba model for you below:

  • It’s a Smart TV and has easy access to your favourite apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Freeview Play
  • 4K Ultra HD meaning a crystal clear picture
  • HDR10 & Dolby Vision HDR – two things we mentioned as what to look for in a new 4K tv!
  • Onkyo sound – a great quality sound system, test it out to see if it meets your requirements, if not you can always buy a soundbar
  • It has Alexa integration meaning you can control it by voice

Why We’ve Chosen It
We’ve chosen this as our below £300 pick because of a few reasons, the main one being it’s a reputable brand and usually, at this low of a price point, you have to go for a budget manufacturer. It’s also 43” which is great for the price again, 4K Ultra HD LED and you can integrate Alexa. Yes, it’s a 2019 model, so it’s not the latest technology, but honestly, it ticks most boxes!

Read The Reviews
If you’re not convinced yet, we advise that you read all the reviews of the product both positive and negative to get a full picture, which you can do below:

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Best 4K TV for under £400

Can you spend slightly more than £300? Then we’ve picked out the best we could find at under £400 for you based on reviews and the other factors we aforementioned.

Panasonic TX-50GX700B 50 inch 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart LED TV with Freeview Play, Black (2019)

Product Description
Another well known and trusted brand in Panasonic offer this 50 inch TV at a fantastic price, again it’s a 2019 model. This TV is an LED Smart TV with 4K HDR bright panel picture. It’s also got some of the latest tech with the HDR10+ adaptive backlighting. It’s extremely slim but offers a fantastic picture, with being a smart TV it also provides access to popular streaming service like previously mentioned & Freeview Play.

Main Features
We’ve pulled out some of the main features on this Panasonic model and a variety of selling points for you below:

  • HDR 4K Resolution
  • Well known and trusted brand
  • HDR10 Multi support
  • Wide colour spectrum and adaptive backlighting
  • Smart TV and offers 4K streaming with Netflix, Amazon Prime & more
  • Includes a 1 year manufacturers warranty – which shows confidence in the product

Why We’ve Chosen It
Panasonic is a well known and trusted brand in the industry, you’re also getting a large size TV for your money at 50 inches. It’s a 4K HDR and has a great picture with some of the best tech 2019 had to offer. Of course, this is a year old just like the Toshiba model we mentioned before, but that is one of the main reasons that the price is so competitive.

Read The Reviews
Before buying the product you should always make sure to read the reviews, both positive and negative, so you can get a full picture of exactly what this TV has to offer. You can read the reviews by clicking the below button:

Read Reviews

Best 4K TV for under £500

Now for the under £500 section, this is where you can really start to get some bang for your buck, there were quite a few options to pick from but we’ve chosen the below.

Philips 50PUS7805/12 50-Inch TV with Ambilight and Voice control (4K UHD LED TV, HDR10+, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, Smart TV) – Plastic Gun Metal/Mid Silver (2020/2021 Model)

Product Description

Another large brand makes the list at a fantastic price point, Philips. This 50 Inch TV is an UHD LED 4K TV which offers a sharper picture and depth with its 3 sided ambilight approach, the motion looks national and vivid. It offers a Dolby Atmos sound to create the cinematic experience in your living room, along with Dolby Vision & P5 Perfect Picture Engine. It’s obviously a smart TV and it has Alexa built in, along with loads of different apps for your streaming purposes.

Main Features
We’ve pulled out some of the main selling features and points of this product for you below:

  • The intelligent LED lights on the edges create a halo effect around the TV, which puts less strain on your eyes
  • It offers crisp contrast and great motion with its 4K Ultra HD solution
  • It takes HDR content to the next level
  • Dolby ensures a quality sound and picture, a reputable and trusted brand itself
  • Saphi operating system Smart TV

Why We’ve Chosen It
We’ve chosen this because of the brand name & the advanced technology that you get in relation to some of the other products we’ve featured with the Ultra HD aspect. It’s a great deal and a reasonable price, above all that, it just looks fantastic! Just take a look at the pictures.

Read The Reviews
If you’re unsure about the product we always advise reading all the reviews you can, both positive and negative to get a full idea of every side. You can read all the latest reviews by clicking the button below.

Read Reviews

Best 4K TV for under £600

We’ve got a fantastic pick for the under £600 section, which we honestly believe is amazing, a great brand and product we think you’ll be pleased with!

LG 65UM7050PLA 65 inch UHD 4K HDR Smart LED TV with Freeview Play – Ceramic Black Colour (2020 Model) [Energy Class A]

Product Description
At a higher budget point you can get a much better 4K TV, such as this LG (Life’s Good) model displayed to the right. A reputable brand, large 65 inch TV and 2020 model. It offers a clear sharp picture with detailed imagery with it’s stunning 4K Ultra HD picture. It’s got an excellent sound quality and integrated within is the award-winning smart platform developed by LG themselves, which all of this together allows for a great viewing experience and overall fantastic product.

Main Features
Want to find out more about this 65 inch LG TV main selling points and features? We’ve detailed them for you below for a quick overview:

  • Quad core processor for sharper, quicker images
  • Excellent viewing angles with almost 100% colour accuracy
  • Realistic colours
  • 4K Cinema HDR
  • Multi-dimensional audio with DTS Virtual:X
  • Ultrasound Nanocell technology
  • Stylish and great design

Why We’ve Chosen It
LG is one of the top brands in the industry along with a handful of others and getting a 65-inch Ultra 4K HD TV for the price detailed is amazing. This has some of the best technology available and offers a great viewing experience. It’s even a 2020 model! You can’t get much better for this budget in our opinion.

Read The Reviews
There are loads of reviews for this product, with mostly positive but a few negative as well, you should make sure you read them all to understand everything you need to before buying this product. You can read all the reviews by simply clicking the button below:

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Best Budget 32” 4K TV

Believe it or not, it’s actually pretty tricky to find a 4K TV that is 32 inch, which is considered pretty small now, so we’ve done our best.

ASHATA HD LCD 4K TV,32inch Large Screen Curved TV HDMI Intelligent 3000R Curvature TV Ultra-Thin Television with HDR,1920×1200 WIFI Smart 4K HDR HD TV 110V (UK)

Product Description
Although I’ve not heard of this brand before, it boasts a good description of the product. It’s an Ultra 4K HD TV with naturally bright light. It’s simple, classic and stylish. Made with high end materials it bring realism to the forefront. It’s a smart TV with a multi function voice operation built in.

Main Features
We’ve pulled some of its main features and selling points together for you below, so you can get a quick snapshot of the product:

  • Curved TV
  • It offers a beautiful picture quality
  • Advanced imaging technology
  • Artificial voice technology built into the TV, so you can control it without having to use your remote
  • It’s a great mix of technology and aesthetics

Why We’ve Chosen It
In all honesty, this is quite an expensive TV for the size & relatively unknown brand, but getting a 32 inch 4K TV isn’t a large market and it can be quite tricky. Judging by all the provided features of this TV it looks like a good purchase.

Read The Reviews
As we are relatively unaware of this brand you should make sure that you read as many reviews as you can before purchasing, both positive and negative, you can do so by clicking the below button:

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Best Budget 40” 4K TV

We’ve picked out a great one here. If you’re looking for a 40 inch 4K TV on a budget, we’ve found you one, with a great low price and a highly reputable brand.

Sharp 4T-C40BL2KF2AB 40-Inch 4K UHD HDR Android TV Black with Freeview HD, Google Assistant, Google Chromecast, 3 x HDMI, 3 x USB and Bluetooth (Renewed)

Product Description

This is an Amazon approved renewed product, which is why it’s at such a good price point. This Sharp 4K UHD HDR TV comes with some amazing features and technology, as well of course a great picture. It’s a TV with an Android operating system, meaning you can basically use it like a phone for apps & streaming services, it also has a built in Google voice assistant so you don’t even really need to use your remote!

Main Features
If you want to find out more about the product, we’ve pulled out some of the big selling points and features for you below:

  • 1-year Amazon renewed guarantee
  • Android TV makes your TV more an entertainment hub
  • You can control everything from the comfort of your couch by just your voice, with it’s built-in Google assistant
  • The picture is fantastic, with the latest Sharp Ace Ultra Pro technology – along with HDR
  • The sound is provided by Harmon Kardon, a quality brand
  • Freeview TV, Chromecast, Bluetooth and more!
  • 4K Ultra HD TV – meaning you’ll always get a top-quality picture

Why We’ve Chosen It
This TV is from a well-known brand in Sharp, it offers some fantastic technology which is all based around it being an entertainment hub, and it’s at a great price because its Amazon renewed. You might be concerned with it not being a brand new product, however, the guarantee should put you at ease.

Read The Reviews
Want to find out more about the product? The best way to find out absolutely everything you need to know is by reading both the positive and negative reviews, which will give you a true picture:

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Best Budget 43” 4K TV

43 inch is when it starts to get a bit more competitive, there are a lot more brands to choose from which made it a hard choice in finding you the best deal, but without further ado, check below!

TCL 43EP658 43-Inch 4K UHD Smart Android TV with Freeview Play, Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube, HDR10, Micro Dimming, Dolby Audio, Bluetooth, WiFi, 2*HDMI, 1*USB, Slim Bezel – Black

Product Description
We had a hard time choosing between this and a Hisense model, but this TCL just tipped it, and here’s why. The slim design partnered with the 4K Ultra HD picture and Android TV operating system means this is a great entertainment hub. It has HDR10 technology, with Dolby Sound to provide a fantastic experience. Having an Android system means that you can easily access all the streaming applications and it’s also got a Google Assistant built-in so you can control it by voice.

Main Features
Want to read some of the main features quickly & selling points? We’ve pulled them out for you below:

  • Superior colour and contrast with HDR10 technology
  • The built-in Android system makes it a superior smart TV with easy access to a whole host of different applications
  • It’s got wireless connectivity through Chromecast, T-Cast, Bluetooth. You can also connect USBs & HDMIs
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty – meaning they trust the product quality

Why We’ve Chosen It
The main reason we chose it over the Hisense product is that the image quality and technology was very similar, but it pipped it with the Android Smart Technology that it has integrated into, which really just adds to the viewing experience and ease of use.

Read The Reviews
Interested in this model? We always advise that you read all the reviews you can, both positive and negative to get you a full picture. You can see all the reviews by clicking the button below:

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Best Budget 49” 4K TV

Looking for a 49 inch TV that delivers a great 4K picture, on a budget? It’s an ask, but we’ve found you a fantastic deal yet again.

Toshiba 49UL5A63DB 49-Inch Smart 4K Ultra-HD HDR LED WiFi TV with Freeview Play – Black/Silver (2019 Model)

Product Description
Again, this is another 2019 model pick, but that’s reflected in the price point. It provides a smooth and fantastic viewing experience with its HDR enhanced colour and contrast which helps make those whites nice and bright and the blacks much darker. Toshiba is a very reputable brand, and here there offering a great product with a cinematic viewing experience, quality Onkyo sound with subwoofers and speakers, combined with Dolby Audio. It’s got a gaming mode that optimises the graphics for a greater experience. It’s also got builtin Prime Video & Music as well as Netflix and Freeview play.

Main Features
We’ve pulled together some of the main features and selling points for you so you can have a quick overview below:

  • TRU picture technology by Toshiba offers a great viewing experience
  • It offers HDR technology which essentially means that it offers a fantastic picture
  • The TV incorporates everything you need for a truly cinematic viewing experience
  • Gaming mode optimises your graphics for the best gaming experience
  • It has all the top streaming apps for streaming access

Why We’ve Chosen It
We’ve chosen this because Toshiba are a reliable brand, it’s offered at a cheap price point and offers some great technology like the HDR to ensure it’s a quality picture. The audio package is fantastic and it also has a gaming mode, for you gamers out there.

Read The Reviews
Just like with every product at this price range, you should always be sure to read all the reviews that you can both from a positive and negative point of view. If you want to read the latest reviews, just click the button below:

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Best Budget 50” 4K TV

This one is a little bit of a left-field pick, you may not have heard of the brand, but it’s a great option for the price it costs! Keep reading to find out more.

Polaroid P50UP1399U 50 Inch Smart 4K Ultra HD LED TV HDR Freeview Play (Renewed)

Product Description

The reason that this isn’t like a lot of our picks is simply that the TV is offered at a fantastic price. It’s a less known but still trusted brand in Polaroid & it’s a renewed by Amazon product but is extremely cheap. It’s a great large Smart 4K Ultra HD LED TV which is ideal to fit most living rooms. Four times the resolution of full HD so you can be assured it offers great quality. It’s got several built-in smart apps as well like Netflix, Youtube and Amazon Prime.

Main Features
We’ve detailed some of the main features and selling points of this Polaroid model so you can quickly see why it’s such a great buy:

  • 4K Ultra HD LED TV
  • Amazon offer a 1-year warranty guarantee
  • It comes with a Freeview HD tuner built in
  • Easy access to popular streaming apps with just a few clicks
  • Crystal clear quality picture

Why We’ve Chosen It
You can research until your blue in the face, but you’ll struggle to find a 4K Ultra HD LED TV at 50 inches for the price here. Polaroid aren’t a household name, but they are a trusted brand in the TV industry and have been around for some time, so you know you can trust this product. Being Amazon renewed as well means it comes with their backed warranty.

Read The Reviews
Make sure you read all the reviews for this product both positive and negative before making a purchase, so you know everything there is to know. Please keep in mind this is a refurbished product too, so read the Amazon Renewed Guarantee. You can find all the reviews here:

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Best Budget 55” 4K TV

HISENSE H55B7100UK 55-Inch 4K UHD HDR Smart TV with Freeview Play (2019)

Product Description
If you can’t tell we’re a bit of a fan of Hisense it seems! They’ve made the list a few times. This stunning 4K HDR TV has HDR 10 and HLG formats meaning it can stream content with fantastic contrast & colour. It has a DTS Studio Sound package built-in which enhances the audio experience. Along with the Smart TV OS, it means that in just one click of the remove you can access Youtube, Netflix, Prime Video and more.

Main Features
In a rush? We’ve detailed some of hte main features of this Hisense 55 Inch TV for you below:

  • Works with Alexa, so you can control the TV through voice
  • HDR technology ensures a high-quality picture, good enough for gaming
  • 4K Ultra HD – Boasting 4x more pixels than standard HD
  • One touch access remote gives you buttons for main streaming services, allowing you to access them in a single click
  • Includes a 2 year manufacturer warranty

Why We’ve Chosen It
This product offers a great specification, large screen, easy access to streaming and just an overall quality product for a very reasonable price. They also have a 2-year warranty, which shows they are confident in the product. Yes, it’s a 2019 model, but that shouldn’t put you off as that is one of the main reasons its priced so reasonably.

Read The Reviews
If you want to find out absolutely everything you need to know about the product, the best thing to do is to read all the reviews both positive and negative, it will give you a full picture. You can do so by clicking the button highlighted below:

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Best Budget 65” 4K TV

Our 65-inch TV is actually our top pick of the whole bunch, and we’ve featured it much further up in this post. It’s a terrific Hisense model at a great price, which you can find by clicking here: our top budget 4K TV pick

Best Budget 70” 4K TV

You’re crossing over to more of a cinema in your living room here! None the less, if you want a massive 70 inch TV, we’ve got a great quality pick for you, again at a budget price tag.

Philips 70PUS6504/12 70-Inch 4K UHD Smart TV with HDR 10+, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, Smart TV – Black (2019/2020 Model)

Product Description
Philips are offering this fantastic 70 inch TV at a more than reasonable price, it’s slim, fast and simple. It’s a 4K Ultra HD TV equipped with HDR10+ technology and Dolby vision to provide you with a flawless viewing experience. It’s also got a great sound option with Dolby Atmos builtin to really provide you with that cinematic experience. It’s a Saphi system Smart TV which allows you access to all the popular streaming platforms so you can really get the most out of this TV.

Main Features
Interested? Well, we’ve pulled out some of the main selling points about this product so you can easily decide as to whether its the right choice for you.

  • 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) TV that offers a great picture, with excellent contrast and colour
  • HDR10+ and Dolby Vision are also integrated to ensure the quality of the picture is crystal clear
  • Along with the fantastic picture you’ll want fantastic sound, and Dolby more than delivers this
  • It’s a Saphi Smart TV meaning you can easily get access to the major streaming platforms

Why We’ve Chosen It
Philips is a well known and reputable brand, it’s also one of the cheapest 70 inch TVs that is equipped with 4K Ultra HD that you’ll find (along with HDR10+ technology of course). It has everything you need for that cinema at-home experience with a great sound package as well.

Read The Reviews
If you want to buy this product then you should always read all the positive and negative reviews that you can, especially if you are spending this much. You can easily access all the latest reviews by clicking the button highlighted below:

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